It’s a wrap for Tour de Terrace 2014

Desiree Chaplin, 3, catches a “fish” and earned a prize at the carnival Sunday afternoon at Tour de Terrace. Father Jay (left) helps Desiree with the fish. (Photos by David Pan)
Charles Hole and Brad Smith (right) of Our Wives Think We’re in Vegas put the final touches on some barbecue ribs Sunday during the Tour de Terrace Barbecue Competition.
Chris Kelly of BBQ Fahreheit 250 barbecues some chicken.
Thomas Wallin of Dances with Smoke BBQ and Grilling Rubs prepares some chicken breasts for the Tour de Terrace Barbecue Competiion.
Stan Bailey (right) points out one of the prizes to a woman at Tour de Terrace. People threw darts at the balloons to win prizes.
Sam Karanja (right) of Creative Arts talks about some of the items at his table at Tour de Terrace.
Scott Lindenmuth (right) and his band entertained the crowd with some jazz Sunday afternoon.
Little Bill (center) and the Blue Notes played some rhythm and blues for the audience at Tour de Terrace.
Kids seemed to have a ball at Tour de Terrace.


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