Work starting on new website for City of Mountlake Terrace


City-of-MLT-logo Development of a new modernized, user-friendly website with mobile capability is now in the works for the City of Mountlake Terrace.

After an extensive selection process, a professional services agreement with CivicPlus for website redesign services was approved by the City Council in June. The company has designed over 1,800 government websites nationwide. The project team held a kickoff meeting with CivicPlus on July 1 to review the scope of work, timeline and deliverables.

“Modernization of our city’s website is long overdue, as we held off for budgetary reasons during the recession”, said Community Relations Director Virginia Olsen. “We look forward to creating a more professional website utilizing current technology to enhance civic engagement and providing a mobile website for easier accessibility and use.”

The contract provides for a free redesign at the end of a four-year period with CivicPlus. The project should take about five months to complete and go live before the end of the year.


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