Wood at Bicentennial Park is not free, despite Craigslist ad

The large pile of wood at Bicentennial Park is not up for grabs — even though a recent Craigslist posting has it listed as free.

On Aug. 1, someone living near the park called police to complain about the sound of a chainsaw. According to a police report, a man had loaded his truck bed full of wood he had cut. The officer asked what he was doing and he said he was taking the wood because a Craigslist post said it was free.

That Craigslist posting was still live as of Friday evening, but it is not true.

Mountlake Terrace City Spokeswoman Virginia Olson said the posting is a fake, and the wood is not free.

An officer on Aug. 1 surrounded the logs with┬ápolice tape and put up a sign that says “Do not enter, wood is not free.”

Mountlake Terrace Parks Superintendent Ken Courtmanch could not be reached for comment.

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