Welcome to our newest advertiser: Fortaleza Private Wine Lockers


0d928ab2-b6ca-4169-b29d-629d087d1131MLTnews is pleased to welcome our newest advertiser: Fortaleza, offering private wine lockers in downtown Edmonds that meet or exceed standard wine storage requirements for long- and short-term aging in a secure environment.

With Fortaleza, you receive:

  • Temperature, vibration and humidity controlled
  • 7-day a week secure cardkey/fob access
  • Multiple interior and exterior security cameras
  • Shrouded locks and custom hasps for extra security
  • Locker sizes: 6, 12, 24 and 48 cases (or combination)
  • On-site concierge service
  • Loading dock for convenient access (lift coming soon)
  • On-site rolling cart, hand-cart and platform ladder

To learn more, visit www.fortalezawinelockers.com, call 425-522-2576 or email [email protected].


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