Website names Brier one of state’s safest cities

Brier has once again been ranked as one of the state’s safest city, according to a website that analyzes crime and census data.

Brier is listed at No. 2 in the ranking of Safest Cities in Washington for 2020, according to The North Carolina-based website that says it combines “data from dozens of sources into bite-sized articles to help you understand what it’s like to live in different places across America..”

The website had placed Brier No. 5 in the same ranking for 2019.

The rankings are based upon an analysis of reported violent crimes, property crimes and other incidents in Washington state cities with populations of 5,000 or more. According to FBI statistics, the total crime rate is 77.99% lower in Brier than throughout Washington state as a whole, reports.

“Don’t discount Brier for professionals looking for a safe place to get adjusted to work life,” the website wrote in a recent post.

No other Snohomish County cities made HomeSnacks’ list of safest cities in Washington for 2020.

10 Safest Cities to Live in Washington for 2020 (from

  1. Sammamish
  2. Brier
  3. Connell
  4. Duvall
  5. Snoqualmie
  6. Kenmore
  7. West Richland
  8. Camas
  9. Maple Valley
  10. Ridgefield


  1. So if BRIER is number two on the list for one of the safest cities in the state of Washington, why is it our police officers are probably the lowest paid police officers in the state of Washington.

    1. In a way you might of answered your own question. Is Brier safe because of the police or do the police have little to do because it is so safe? Is being on car patrol in Brier the same as in say Seattle or Everett? Heck is it even the same as Lynnwood?

    2. Brier suffers from terrible attrition in their police department and it’s only partly because of pay. I think mostly it’s because of boredom. Young people do not go into law enforcement to sit radar duty on Poplar Way. It may be time for Brier to contract with Lynnwood or MLT for police services.

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