Waste Management Strike: What it means for you


We just heard from Scott Hugill, Mountlake Terrace Assistant City Manager, about what the Waste Management strike will mean for Mountlake Terrace residents:

Over the past several weeks we have spoken with WM regarding a contingency plan in the event of a strike. The plan calls for WM to use existing resources, such as WM management, to continue collecting from the heaviest users of collection service, such as commercial and multi-family customers, in the early days of a strike.

At the same time, WM will bring additional resources from outside the area to supplement management. These additional resources may take up to a week to arrive to restart residential collection.

If additional resources don’t arrive within a week, WM will look to place large dumpsters at central locations in the community for residents to take garbage to. This is similar to what we put in place during significant snowstorms when WM trucks are unable to travel on icy roads.
Scott Hugill Mountlake Terrace Assistant City Manager

Let us know if you are seeing any disruption in service. Email us at [email protected]

[image courtesy Dominic’s pics]


  1. Permanent dumpsters placed at different location of one’s premise are great constant reminders to users to be environmentally responsible for their own wastes. It also helps to enhance one’s business image as a responsible resident of the community among customers and guests.




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