Wanted: Children’s socks and underwear for Holly House donation drive

"It makes my heart ache knowing our Holly House kids' socks look like this picture," said Holly House Executive Director Pam Martinez.
“It makes my heart ache knowing our Holly House kids’ socks look like this picture,” said Holly House Executive Director Pam Martinez in her Sept. 3 Facebook post.

Holly House is continuing its sock and underwear drive at Sparta’s Pizza in Lynnwood.

The organization’s goal is to collect 5,000 pairs of socks and 5,000 pairs of underwear before Holly House’s December event, when parents come to shop for free holiday gifts for their children.

Holly House is a low-income children’s gift and necessities program that primarily supports 15 schools in the Edmonds School District. Often, kids benefiting from the Holly House program will go to school without socks or underwear.

“Please help fill the box, in fact, make it overflow with socks and underwear,” Executive Director Pam Martinez said on Facebook Saturday.

You can help Holly House reach its goal by dropping off new socks and underwear at Sparta’s Pizza, located at 17630 Highway 99 in Lynnwood. The Holly House donation box is just inside the door.

For more information about Holly House, click here.

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