Walkers take to Brier streets for ‘Purely Haiti’ fundraiser

Participants in the "Purely Haiti" 5K walk in Brier Sunday.
Participants in the “Purely Haiti” 5K walk in Brier Sunday.

Story and photo by Doug Petrowski

It’s more than 3,400 miles from Brier to Haiti, but for 200 people on Sunday, it was closer to 5 kilometers.

About 200 walkers spent Sunday afternoon raising money for Brookview Church of Lynnwood and a project called “Purely Haiti.” The church hoped to raise $12,000 to be used to build a well in Haiti, a country suffering from health problems caused partly by a lack of clean drinking water.

Money was being raised by both a 5K walk and through donations from participants of a week-long water challenge, where one drinks only water and contributes the money they would have used to purchase other beverages during the week.

This was the second 5K walk and the third fundraising project that the church has conducted for their Haiti mission efforts, said Pastor Jason Huguenin.

The 5K walk took participants from Brier Park north on Brier Road to the Brierwood Park neighborhood, then back to Brier Park. The walkers utilized sidewalks, crosswalks and public trails; one Brier police officer was assisting walk participants at two crossing points of Brier Road.

Brookview Church conducts Sunday morning services at Lynnwood High School, 18218 North Road, 10:30 a.m. You can learn more here.


  1. Didn’t I just read an article where Brier denied a 5k fundraiser to someone else? WHAT?!?! How is this different?!


  2. I am one of the organizers of the event that was held in Brier Park. The walk that we had is no where near the scale of the proposed walk/run in the article you are linking to, so it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

    Jessica, there is much good to do in our world, local and global. Feeding our community is an incredibly worthy way to ease human suffering. It is my hope that everyone do something to make the landscape of our world and the suffering of it’s people a little different today than it was yesterday. Helping in Haiti is just one of many ways that we are engaged in trying to make a difference.




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