Whiskers & Wags Veterinarian Hospital Opens in MLT


Last week I received a press release from a new veterinarian hospital that had just opened in Mountlake Terrace. I had planned to write a post, as I often do, letting the MLTnews readers know about the new business. The next day I can home from work and went outside to see my dog, Gus. The right side of his mouth was all swollen and I couldn’t figure out why. Gus’ previous vet had moved locations a while back and I hadn’t found a replacement. It just so happened that the new vet that sent me a press release opened up in the same location as Gus’ old vet.

So I set up an appoint the next day as I researched online what may be the cause of the swelling. Other people’s pets had similar symptoms from things as minimal as bugs bites to something that required surgery like an abscessed tooth (that sounded expensive). Bills had just started to come in from my daughter’s birth and the last thing I wanted to do was pay for surgery.

I showed up the next day at Gus’ appointment and Dr. Leslie Kasper from Whiskers & Wags quickly pulled out a small piece of bone or something that was lodged in Gus’ cheek. Dr. Kasper recommended a few products I could get from any drug store to help heal Gus’ cheek and to help with a couple other issues he was having. No surgery, no expensive prescriptions. Most people don’t enjoy spending an unnecessary amount of money on their pets and Dr. Kasper certainly had that in mind. I got out of there for about the cost of a tank of gas.

I usually don’t make these sort of recommendations on MLTnews but after my experience at Whiskers & Wags I have to say that if you’re looking for a local, budget-conscience vet to take care of your pets, Whiskers & Wags is a great choice.

If you do end up checking out Wags & Whispers Veterinarian Hospital please let them know that MLTnews sent you!

See the press release below:

[box]Whiskers & Wags Veterinary Hospital has officially opened for business. Our newly renovated full-service veterinary practice is located just off I-5 at 21911 64th Ave W, in Mountlake Terrace.

Dr. Leslie Kasper, the new veterinary owner of the practice previously operated under Dr. Susan Connor for 15 years, is excited to bring a fresh face to a well deserving community. Although the hospital is equipped with some advanced diagnostic equipment, Dr. Kasper feels their customer-first service and her compassionate manner is what separates this hospital from others.

Whiskers & Wags Veterinary Hospital is open Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 7pm. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the office at 425-697-4107. Walk-ins are always welcome.[/box]



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