Verdant Health Commission donates $11K to help feed Edmonds College students

Edmonds College Resident Assistants Courtney Rigby (left) and Murad Dweekat (right) pass out meals to EC students in college housing who are experiencing food insecurity during COVID-19. (Image courtesy of Edmonds College)

To help provide food and assistance for Edmonds College students who are experiencing food insecurity during COVID-19, the Verdant Health Commission has donated $11,880 to the Edmonds College Foundation.

“We appreciate the generosity of our community partners during this time,” said Edmonds College President Dr. Amit B. Singh. “Our students are facing significant challenges, and this will help to lessen the stress of not having enough to eat.” 

Verdant’s interim superintendent Jennifer Piplic said this was a great opportunity for Verdant to support student health at the college.

“At Verdant Health Commission, we know the effects of COVID-19 can take many forms, including sickness and hospitalization, but many people also are experiencing hardships like job loss or fewer working hours,” Piplic said. “This makes it very difficult to maintain good health, including having the resources to purchase healthy foods. This is a way for us to support our community, and we hope it makes a difference for those students receiving meals.”

The foundation has partnered with Lynnwood-based Chef Dane Catering to provide warm meals to Edmonds College students living in campus residence halls twice a week during the college’s spring quarter. Owner Carol Anne Lee said she is grateful for the opportunity to provide meals to Edmonds College students through her business.

“It generates consistent orders for us during a time when much is unstable,” she said. “Partnerships such as this help to not only pay the bills but also create work for our team. 

Lee added that she and her employees appreciate the relationship between Chef Dane Catering and the Edmonds College Foundation, as well as the financial support provided by Verdant.

“However, the joy from the students of getting to enjoy a tasty meal is the highlight,” she said. 

Meals provided to Edmonds College students have included BBQ pulled pork stuffed potatoes, chicken penne pasta, chicken mole enchiladas, Impossible “meat” loaf, curried chicken and vegetarian lasagna.

The college Food Pantry is also receiving 60 microwavable meals for distribution to students and employees every Monday, and received 50 $10 Safeway fruit and vegetable vouchers. 

“These meals show that Edmonds and the community are looking out for the well being of its students by making sure we are fed and can continue our education at this time despite the circumstances that are out of our control,” said Edmonds College Resident Assistant Courtney Rigby.

The donations from Verdant were made to the foundation’s COVID-19 Response Food Access Program. Visit for more information about the foundation’s efforts to help students during this time.

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