UW students receive award for Ballinger Park plan

From left: Lloyd Skinner with UW Students Vera Hoang, Tabitha Manalu and Cayla Stahley
From left: Lloyd Skinner with UW students Vera Hoang, Tabitha Manalu and Cayla Stahley

Lloyd Skinner, with the Joint Planning Association of Washington/Washington American Planning Association (PAW/WAPA) Awards Committee, presented an Honorable Mention Award to the University of Washington (UW) student team who prepared the Ballinger Park Design Options during Monday’s City Council meeting.

The PAW/WAPA award in the student category was a statewide recognition of the students’ outstanding planning effort.

The team of four UW students, including Vera Hoang, Tabitha Manalu, Cayla Stahley and Jun Wang, worked with city staff to develop some design concepts for use in the future Ballinger Park comprehensive planning process. Their study focused on ideas brought forward in public meetings held in 2013 including amenities, trails, shorelines and fencing. The study and report were part of a class project for the UW’s Community, Environment and Planning Department “Planning in Context” class.

The student team presented their report on the Ballinger Park Design Options to the City Council in January. The Honorable Mention award was officially presented during a ceremony at the PAW/WAPA annual conference in Spokane held on Oct. 17.

Several city staff worked closely with the student team to accomplish the project including Planning and Public Works staff as well as volunteers from the Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee.

The report, “Lake Ballinger Park: Transforming a Former Golf Course into a Passive Park,” is available on the city’s website at https://www.cityofmlt.com/cityServices/planning/pdf/140806_Lake-Ballinger-Park-Report_small.pdf.


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