MLT Recreation Facilities: Not a Great Place to Hide From Police


We reported early this morning that a collision led to a police pursuit on foot near Lake Ballinger late Thursday evening. We have since found out more details:

Lynnwood Police were attempting to pull a car over near I-5 at some point. The car fled and ultimately ended up in Mountlake Terrace near where the Interurban Trail crosses 228th St SW. A witness who lives adjacent to the trail, south of 228th, heard tiressquealingand saw a car pull in to the trail. The Interurban trail isn’t much of a trail south of 228th, it’s more of a gravel alley until the trail enters surface streets around 800 feet south of 228th. The witness saw police cars travelling wrong direction and called 9-1-1 to notify them. The witness then saw the driver jump out of the car. A few minutes later when the police pulled in behind the car, they ordered the 2 passengers out of the car.

Police pursued the suspect on foot and, with the help of police dogs, tracked the suspect to a maintenancebuildingat the Ballinger Lake Golf Course where the suspect was arrested.

Thanks to Mark Hopkins for taking the photos.

View 12/16 Police Pursuit in a larger map


  1. It never ceases to amaze me where and how criminals will attempt to evade police… we live on a cul-de-sac, and a few years ago, a police chase brought a drug-dealer into it. The suspect blew through two fences and through mounds of blackberry bushes to burst out onto 44th… at least they’re dumb and go down dead-end roads and ultimately get caught. But, why run in the first place? Radio travels at the speed of light, and you’re outnumbered… better than trying to run, don’t do anything wrong in the first place! 🙂


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