Travel expert Rick Steves has a message for the Class of 2020

“Caught up in and inspired by the positive joy of graduation season,”Edmonds-based European travel expert Rick Steves produced a message for any schools or families or grads that might like a few stories from the road to add to their graduation festivities. “This is my gift to grads everywhere as they make 2020 a springboard to a life well-lived,” Steves said, adding that anyone can share or use the 14-minute address. “Bottom line: Bon Voyage, class of 2020 as you embrace both the challenges and the delights that lie ahead!”


  1. Thank you for this encouraging talk, Rick . I’ve travelled quite a bit and would love my grandsons to do so. Nothing is a better educator to understand other people. I hope you’ll do this talk again in 7 years when my older one graduates from high school- I hope to take him on on one international trip we’ll before! You’re less likely to want to go to war with another country if you know people there!

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