Transition zone property at 56th and 238th sold, six townhomes being considered

Location of property. (Images courtesy NextMLT)

A pre-application site plan has been submitted for a six-townhome project at the southwest corner of 56th Avenue West and 238th Street Southwest, NextMLT reports. The project would be on one 0.18-acre lot in the RS-T Transitional zone. The RS-T zone allows single-family residential, townhomes and parking lots associated with Town Center projects.

Site plan

The proposed site plan has a single point of vehicular access off 238th Street Southwest. Each unit would be under 1,500 square feet and provide parking for one vehicle per unit. All six units would have front-door access from the 56th Ave West public sidewalk with stairs. As required by code there would be a 15-foot rear-yard setback from the buildings along the southern edge of the site.

As shown on the conceptual site plan, public improvements would include a new 5-foot-wide sidewalk along 56th and 238th. The plan does show a 5-foot landscape strip behind the sidewalk, though city code would require that strip to be between the curb and sidewalk and include street trees.

The property in question.

The 0.18-acre property sold for $450,000 or $57 per square foot of land. The property last sold in August 2016 for $188,000. The new sale price reflects a 34%-per- year increase.


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