Transit Strategy Looks to Future


The story below is from the City’s of Mountlake Terrace’s newsletter called City Happenings. We will be highlighting some of the stories this week. To read the entire newsletter, view the PDF at

[box type”normal]A Transit Service Strategy — the first municipal transit plan in Snohomish County — was recently adopted by the City Council. The Strategy is the framework for our city and transit providers to help improve traffic congestion and air pollution, lower transportation and infrastructure costs, and provide for higher quality urban design. Utilizing transit has the additional benefits of reducing obesity and saving farms and forests.

The Transit Strategy shows that many people who live or work in Mountlake Terrace already do use transit right now. It also shows that others would like to ride transit, if it were more convenient.

To help improve convenience, Community Transit opened a new Transit Center in Mountlake Terrace at 236th Street and Interstate 5. It will complement Sound Transit’s new Freeway Station (expected to open in March), which will provide our first express bus service between Many new options available soon Mountlake Terrace, Evett, and Seattle (through Sound Transit).

Once the Freeway Station opens, bus service for our community will be available longer each day and on the weekends. The number of trips from the Transit Center will increase from 62 to 201 per day. Sound Transit express bus 511 will run all day, both directions, at least once every fifteen minutes to and from destinations like Downtown Seattle and the Ash Way Park and Ride. Also, Sound Transit route 513 will provide commuter service from south Everett into Mountlake Terrace.

Community Transit will also continue to provide service into Downtown Seattle and the University of Washington.

During these difficult financial times, transit service in some areas may be less. However for Mountlake Terrace, overall service will increase and the long-term future is bright. It will be even brighter when a newlight rail line from Northgate —- with a station in Mountlake Terrace — is completed, around 2023. Meanwhile, our city is working with other agencies and local governments to conduct the planning and engineering needed to align the rail line and stations to help the vision come true. The Transit Ser vice Strategy is available on the city’s website, Click the city services link, then planning, to find the document. [/box]


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