Tolls to increase Wednesday on SR 520 Bridge


MyNNN-Logo-w-AllDrivers who cross Lake Washington using the State Route 520 Bridge are reminded that new toll rates will go into effect  at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, July 1.

The change reflects the rate increases approved by the Washington State Transportation Commission to ensure the bridge generates enough revenue to cover costs required in law which include maintenance and operations of the bridge. Tolling is on track to raise $1.2 billion of the funding needed to build the replacement bridge currently under construction.

Tolls on the SR 520 Bridge will increase approximately 2.5 percent for all toll rates. The current peak hour Good To Go! pass rate of $3.80 will increase to $3.90, and the peak hour Pay By Mail rate of $5.40 will rise to $5.55.

This is the fourth of four annual 2.5 percent rate increases for SR 520 planned through 2015. In July 2016, a more significant rate increase is expected. WSTC will begin its work to determine 2016 toll rates later this year.

Good To Go! passes continue to be the most economical way for drivers to pay tolls on the SR 520 Bridge and other tolled highways, according to the WSCT. More information on the Good To Go! program can be found at


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