Tips for a fire safe Memorial Day, from State Fire Marshal’s Office

Whether camping out or enjoying a backyard barbecue this Memorial Day weekend, the State Fire Marshal’s Office warns everyone to be careful with any activity that could spark fire. A small fire can quickly to turn into a large blaze.

Here are some important safety tips to follow as you plan ahead for the holiday weekend:

Campfire Safety
  • Before building a campfire, always check local regulations.
  • Choose a safe burning site that is at least 25 feet from any structure or anything that can burn.
  • Keep campfires to a manageable size — no larger than 3×3 feet.
  • Completely extinguish a fire by having a hose, bucket of water, and/or shovel and dirt nearby.
Barbecue Safety
  • Only use grills outdoors. Keep away from the side of your house, deck railings, and hanging branches.
  • Always open your gas grill before lighting.
  • Clean grills after each use. This will remove grease accumulation that can start a fire.
  • Dispose of coals once they have cooled completely in a metal can with a lid.

For more safety tips and ways to stay fire safe, follow the State Fire Marshal’s Office on Twitter: @wafiremarshal.

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