Time to ‘spring forward’ Sunday as daylight saving time arrives

Daylight saving time starts this weekend, which means that at 2 a.m. Sunday, we “spring forward” an hour.

That means losing an hour of sleep on Sunday. But you’ll get it back on Sunday, Nov. 1, when standard time returns.

And yes it is happening despite a vote last year by Washington state lawmakers to place us on permanent daylight saving time. Our online news partner The Seattle Times notes that before the state can adopt permanent daylight time, Congress would have to act to allow it. Under current federal law, states can decide either to be on permanent standard time or to switch back and forth between standard time and daylight time.

You can read more about that issue in The Times story here.


  1. I don’t understand why Congress has any say in what time we run on as a state? I guess I could understand a concern if it was anything more or less than one hour.

    1. Standards is a national not state issue, just like we can’t vote to move our State alone to the metric system.

      For me, for some reason, it seems much more disruptive to change times North/South than West/East… maybe its just because we are all used to it but it probably has something to do with the progress of the sun over a given day.

      Washington being on a different time than Oregon and California just seems like a slippery slope to disaster as then Georgia/Florida follow suit, etc. Pretty soon we would have a mixed up quilt of times all across the country.

      Keep the current time zones but do away with Savings Time shift all together as a nation.

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