Time to sign up for Edmonds School District’s carpentry and house construction class

Artistic rendering of this year’s Rotary Club house project.

Attention Edmonds School District high school students: It’s time sign up for the district’s Carpentry and House Construction Class

This elective class is part of the CTE (Career and Technical Education) program headed up by Mark Madison and has been supported by the Rotary Club of Lynnwood for the past 42 years, said the Rotary Club’s Ken Peirce.

It is an intra-district program and accepts students from all five district high schools who will be sophomore students in September.

The class is a block class, during the 5th and 6th periods, and runs for the entire school year. All students are provided bus transportation to and from their high school to either Mountlake Terrace High School or the job site.

Students achieving a B or better in the class can earn up to 21 college credits through the Tech Prep program at Edmonds Community College.

According to a Rotary Club announcement, the building construction program prepares students for:

  1. Getting reasonably well-paid work in the construction field upon high school graduation.
  2. Expedited entry into a construction trade apprenticeship. The carpenters union has a five-year apprenticeship program, paying roughly $16 an hour to start and provides health benefits. Upon completion, union carpenters earn roughly $30 an hour plus $9 an hour in benefits. The construction trades are clamoring for workers.
  3. Classes and training and 21 credits to finish a two-year construction management or energy management degree at Edmonds CC.
  4. Learning many valuable ethical and work standards and practices that are beneficial for most any field they chose.
  5. Learning many skills, especially tool use and problem solving, that are not only directly valuable in repairing and maintaining the buildings in which they spend 90% of their lives, but skills they will also find useful in many other life arenas.
  6. Students will also be eligible for scholarships provided by the Rotary Club of Lynnwood and valuable Rotary mentorships.


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