Thieves Target the Most Vulnerable: Gas Stolen from Food Bank Truck


The Concern for Neighbors Food Bank is asking the community for help in keeping a watchful eye on their trucks.

In the past year the Concern for Neighbors Food Bank has had gas stolen from on e of their trucks three time. Don’t think they haven’t done anything about it. After the first incident when fuel was siphoned from the truck, the Food Bank purchased locking caps in order to prevent the same thing from occurring again. They also started keeping the amount of fuel in the truck to a minimum. According to Rhonda Miketinas, treasurer of the food bank, the next time the plug was pulled from the fuel line and the tank was drained. The third time the fuel lines were actually cut.

Miketinas says that the thieves are costing the food bank money that could be put to much better use in the purchasing of food and other essentials for neighbors in need.

For those who live in the neighborhood or frequently drive by the Food Bank, make an effort to glance u pat the trucks and report any suspcious activity to the police. The Concern for Neighbors Food Bank is located near 228th St SW and 48th Ave W.

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