Terrace Park to Receive School of Distinction Award


Terrace Park Elementary School will be named as one of Washington’s Highest Improving Schools and receive the School of Distinction Award for 2010, for a five year Improvement in Reading and Math.

This award is presented for outstanding improvement in student achievement to 94 schools. They will be recipients of the 2010 School of Distinction Award from The Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) and Phi Delta Kappa – Washington State Chapter.

Candidate schools for this award must be performing at least at the state average performance in fourth, seventh, and tenth grade Reading and Math assessments, as measured on the Spring 2010 Measures of Student Progress. Schools meeting this requirement were then evaluated on combined Reading and Math Improvement over 2005 to 2010 state assessments. The top 5% of the elementary schools, middle/junior high schools, and high schools are recognized with this award and designated as a School of Distinction.

For 2010, the School of Distinction award winners include 52 elementary schools, 22 middle / junior high schools, and 20 high schools.


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