Terrace Park PTA hopes to finish fundraising this school year for new covered play area

What the finished play shed would look like.
The Terrace Park site plan.

By Doug Petrowski

With almost $300,000 banked at this point, the Terrace Park School PTA is hoping to complete fundraising this school year for the construction of a new playground shed for the Mountlake Terrace school.

“We are in the home stretch, with $28,000 of additional fundraising to go to meet the project budget and make this project a reality for the students,” said Kim Baca, the PTA’s committee chairperson for the play shed effort.

The PTA would like to see construction of a 46-foot-by- 100’-foot play shed begin during the summer of 2013 on the Terrace Park School playground. By covering part of the playground, students would be able to be outside for recess on rainy days.

“We feel that the opportunity for daily, active recess is a basic need, particularly for primary grade students,” Baca said. “However, during the rainiest months of the year, the students can go an entire week without a ‘real’ recess.”

Terrace Park houses both a traditional neighborhood elementary school and a challenge program that attracts students from throughout the district, pushing school enrollment to about 650. “As a result of the combined student population, Terrace Park is one of the largest elementary school in the district, yet we are one of only a handful of elementary schools without any covered outdoor space on our playground,” Baca said.

“Because the school has no covered outdoor space, and a very large student population, the students must stay indoors and be sedentary during their recess time on rainy days,” Baca added.

Tentative plans call for the shed to be placed just northeast of the school’s gymnasium. To reach their financial goal for the project, the Terrace Park

PTA will be selling engraved tiles to be installed at the base of the columns of the shed this fall, with a second fundraiser scheduled for next spring More information about the Terrace Park School PTA can be obtained here.

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