Tentative agreement between teachers’ union, school district increases teacher salaries

A tentative agreement has been reached between the Edmonds Education Association teachers union and the Edmonds School District. The agreement includes an approximately $10,000 raise for starting and top salaries compared to last year’s salaries.

The agreement has not yet been ratified by the union or formally accepted by the Edmonds School District. Both are expected to happen later this month.

“We have reached a tentative agreement,” said Edmonds School District spokeswoman Kelly Franson. “We are waiting on the union to ratify the contract.”

Last year, starting teachers made $52,688, and top-paid teachers made $101,022. Under the new agreement, starting teachers would make $62,688 and top-paid teachers would make $114,272.

Additionally, the time it takes to get to top pay would be compressed from 28 years to 14 years.

Pay structure would remain similar to what is currently in place, where teachers are paid more based on their education level and how many years they have been teaching. (Click here to view the current pay schedule).

“We feel very positive about the tentative agreement we have reached,” said Andi Nofziger, president of the Edmonds Education Association. “We are thrilled that we were able to do it before the end of August so teacher’s know their stability going into the school year.”

The negotiated pay increase is related to additional funding from the state due to the McCleary case. Click here to read more about McCleary from our online news partner The Seattle Times.

The Edmonds Education Association is expected to ratify the contract during its meeting on Aug. 28. The Edmonds School Board is expected to confirm the ratified contract shortly after.

— By Natalie Covate

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