Teen Shot in Face With BB Gun Near Dog Park


Mountlake Terracae Police say that a 17-year old girl was shot in the face with plastic BB’s last week near the Mountlake Terrace Dog Park.

The girl told officers that she was at the park with two friends when a man wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans fired three rounds at her with some sort of weapon. One of the rounds struck the girl in the right side of her face. The girl said that she did not see the weapon but had heard three “pops” and after the man fired he ran north through the softball fields.

Upon arrival at Swedish Hospital the girl had a visible wound to the right side of her face. Doctors located an object lodged in the flesh of the girl’s face. Doctor’s were able to extract the object and identified it as a plastic BB.

Plastic BB’s are often fired from what are know as Airsoft guns, replica firearms that propel plastic BBs by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. The guns come in models ranging from sniper guns to machine guns, and can cost hundreds of dollars. All these products are designed to be non-lethal out-of-the-factory and to provide realistic replicas. It is illegal to brandish or show an airsoft gun in a public place in Washington state.

Officers conducted a search of the area where the assault had occurred and located additional plastic BBs. Patrol officers also did an area check looking for the suspect and other witnesses with no success.

Photo courtesy icantcu.


  1. We all “know someone” with an AirSoft device – and would encourage them to use common sense, but could you please give reference to the RCW that you state “It is illegal to brandish or show an airsoft gun in a public place in Washington state.”




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