Superbowl XLIV In MLT

While some of us stock our beer supplies at home, gather up the plastic cups, pull out the key jars, and prepare  food products that will make our doctors scream for us to start an immediate regiment of Lipitor in ritualistic preparation of our gridiron-classic parties, others out there may be looking for a place AWAY from home to enjoy the Saints beat the tar out of Manning’s crew.  Okay, your opinion may differ on the last statement, but I’m writing this post, so give me my moment on that one.

Just a reminder, in case you’ve been in sports seclusion, the Superbowl is on it’s 44th run (thus the roman numerals XLIV) and is being played this Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 3:30PM.

There are a few places right around town to catch the big game that are probably either walking distance or a short cab ride from where you live.  First and foremost, we want MLT’s finest catching those bad guys, not good guys having TOO good a time, right?  So where to go for the pigskin battle of the year?  Here’s a few of my choices should I decide to wander out onto the field of Superbowl viewing…

Top of my list will be Ringer’s Pub & Grill.  Not only does Ringer’s provide more High-Definition TVs than Favre’s career interceptions (ok, maybe a few less than that), but it’s big, it’s comfy, has a full bar, and pretty decent food selection.   Ringer’s wings are a killer dose of poultry and fire, and while the G.I. tract pain you may endure afterward may feel like Reggie Bush getting slammed by Eagles’ Sheldon Brown, it’s worth every bite! Just take your Pepcid beforehand.  My one and only penalty flag for Ringers is the lack of nachos!  For this football fan, nachos go with the gridiron, especially Superbowl, like the Seahawks go with player injuries.   I just can’t have football without the slathery mess of cheese over some crunchy chips.  Sorry, you can’t call a review on this penalty Ringers.  15 yard from the spot of the foul, automatic first down!   However, if the rest of you can live without the nachos, and survive off cold beer, hot wings and enough crystal clear HD TVs around the room that you’d have to either be making room for another beer or have your eyes closed to miss a play, then Ringer’s will be a hot spot for XLIV.  If I were heading out, this is most likely where you’d find me.  Along with a smuggled in plate of Azteca nachos.

Another hot spot for the big day will be the psuedo ‘sports’ bar Crazy Moose Casino.  Now, the ole Moose will appeal to a different set of bone-crushing fans, than Ringers.  While the TVs are a plenty, the viewing experience is dated a bit more towards the time of the Houston Oilers.  A bank of  CRT TVs are above the bar (for those not in the know, CRT=Cathode Ray Tube, and in the world of 21st century sports viewing also = an interception returned for touchdown!  OUCH!).  While the rest of the TVs are LCD or plasma, NONE are HD, and most are about the size of Favre’s ego after the NFC Conference Championship.  The Moose does get some serious first downs though.  The menu is extensive, and usually pretty good (and includes nachos!!).  The beers are cold, the drinks are stiff and the staff is friendly (most of the time.  Just watch your drink intake if the bar manager is there.  She’ll bench you if you even SAY beer more than twice.).   The best reason to head to the Moose though is the halftime show.  Where else can you try your hand at some casino table games, and maybe even win enough to pay for that shoulder ride off the field?  The Moose scores a safety on having the best extracurricular activities for your Superbowl event day.

If you want to experience the game Cowboys stadium style, go call a playaction pass and go deep to the Cinebarre where they’ll be showing the game in full HD in their largest theater.  Just don’t try to punt and hit the screen.  They may not like that.  Seating will start about an hour before kick off, and be looking for $2 beer specials and many half priced apps.   Oh, and I think they have nachos.  Something about Peyton Manning 20 feet tall is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Another cozy endzone to set up your goalpost is the MLT classic, The Getaway.  While not fully loaded with high-end TVs in every corner (and no King Kong sized Colts quarterback), it does have plenty of HD viewing to go around and give you the action up close and personal in their cozy room. The Getaway will be hosting a wide selection of specials for the big day of TV viewing to keep you fueled up for the 3 hours of cheering and screaming at the refs.  Five dollar food specials, giveaways, football boards, oh my!    On top of that, The Getaway’s Superbowl party will be benefiting Whisker City, a cat rescue shelter in Shoreline.  As Bob would say, have your pets spayed or neutered.   Word has it too there’s an 8×10′ HD projection screen somewhere in the back.   NICE!  Seeing Addai get flattened behind the line of scrimmage in lifesize HD is always great in my playbook!  Some more of those fresh Cajun Crawfish please?  Saints are on a roll!  Ok, I guess I squeezed in another plug.  Sorry.

Ok, so my two teenage sons tell me I’m being selfish.  What about them?  All of the above require a minimum age of 21!  Well, fear not!  If you have peewee players on your roster, there’s one more place I’d post up for a Superbowl afternoon and that’s Sorelli Pizza.  While Sorelli may not have the plush chairs, the halftime entertainment of the Loco Moose, or the wide open space of Ringers, it does have the tastiest pizza in town, a variety of other menu items, HD viewing, and some of the biggest and cheapest drinks and beers you will find in MLT.  While this stripe shirt may be inclined to throw a penalty flag on the lack of nachos, after further review, I have to give Sorelli a break… afterall, it is a PIZZA joint!  For those on Facebook, they’re having a Superbowl party.  Get there early as seating is first come, first served and it’s limited!  They’re also gonna have boards, giveaways and drink specials.

This coming Sunday, whether you take in the wall of viewing pleasures at Ringers, the melting cheesy nachos at The Moose, the Superbowl sized pizza and beers at Sorelli, the 20′ Peyton Manning at Cinnebarre, the party specials at The Getaway, or simply take your kick return on your own couch, enjoy the day, and enjoy it safely!

Have some other suggestions for local hotspots to enjoy XLIV?  Let us know!

  1. While it might be too late for your Superbowl festivities (and a GREAT Superbowl it was aside from the fact my pick won), I do have an update on a the penalty flag previously thrown on Ringers: THEY HAVE NACHOS!!

    The menu must have been updated during the week of my last visit there and Superbowl Sunday.

    This nacho loving sports fan is happy to see that fine cheesy mess now on the menu. Thanks Ringers!

    There’s also some rumors of more menu changes coming, including the possibility of an expanded breakfast menu and more lunch and dinner options! This is also most excellent news, and if it comes to fruition, will make Ringers a cornerstone pub and grill in South MLT and in SnoKing County line hot spots.

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