Summer Camps at Nock Point Archery


Looking for a fun activity to keep you or your kids busy this summer? A MLTnews reader suggests the archery camps at Nock Point/Next Step Archery in Mountlake Terrace:

I am a central Seattle resident (Capitol Hill), but we have become frequent visitors to Mountlake Terrace to go to The Nock Point (22313 70th Ave W) so that our 11 year old son can shoot bow and arrow. I am also a teacher in Seattle and work closely with children of all ages. I know you have had news about The Nock Point on your site in the past, but I wanted to alert you to their summer camps, which are affordable and wide open for enrollment. This is the first year they are offering camps, and the clean, spacious range they have is a welcoming place for families of all abilities. Archery is a sport that people of all physical abilities can participate in–you don’t have to be an ‘athlete’ in the typical sense to excel in it–and The Nock Point will provide all the necessary equipment for kids to learn at camp. The instruction is excellent, to boot! Check it out: or call lead instructor Bob Hickey at 425.422.5477. You have a gem of a place for families in your neighborhood!

The camps last 3 days and are $100 per person.
You can find more information about the archery camps at

[image courtesy John Hill]


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