Students with medical conditions need to drop off medication/treatment orders and supplies by Aug. 19


Edmonds School DistrictThe Edmonds School District advises parents that in order for students with medical conditions to start school next year on the first day, parents will need to drop off medication, treatment orders and supplies by Aug 19.

Supplies can still be dropped off after Aug. 19, but it won’t be guaranteed that the student can start on the first day. Nurses will work very hard up until Labor Day Weekend preparing health plans for students whose items were dropped off by Aug 19 and as many plans as they can for students whose items came in after Aug 19.

After Labor Day weekend, they will continue preparing any remaining plans so all students will be in school as soon as possible. The Mountlake Terrace Main Office is open from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. to accept paperwork and supplies.



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