You Stole Their Lunch Box and They Want it Back


The community is on high alert today as, according to this Craigslist post,  there is a serial (cereal?) lunch box thief out on our streets. To the lunch box thief: return the box… or else.

SJ5799_Square_Lunch_Box_MonkeyLast night on 10/5 my husband left his lunch box by his car and came into the house and forgot the lunch box. He went out this morning and it was gone. There was nothing in the box ecxcept some ibprofin and antacid and toothache medicine. So to the dummy who thought there was something worth taking and there was nothing the joke is on you. Please return the lunch box by the house and you know where it is located in Mountlake Terrace. Do not try to do something stupid as there is alert on the name on the medicine bottle with my name on it. It was white with a red lid.


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