State Legislature passes capital budget that includes millions for local projects

    State Sen. Guy Palumbo

    The Washington State Legislature Thursday night passed a $4.18 billion capital budget that will provide funding for several major local projects, including improvements to Mountlake Terrace Elementary School.

    Also on the list of projects is a new science, engineering and technology building for Edmonds Community College.

    Passage in both the Senate and House came after lawmakers agreed Thursday on a water use policy bill to address new wells drilled by property owners. A dispute over that issue, stemming from the Supreme Court’s 2016 decision in the Hirst case, had blocked the budget from being adopted during the 2017 legislative session.

    SB 6090 includes a record $1 billion to build new public schools, necessary to comply with the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision to fully fund education, as well as $800 million in projects at colleges and universities across the state.

    In all, the budget will generate an estimated 75,000 jobs in construction, engineering and natural resources over the next four years.

    “We’ve seen the growing crises of homelessness, mental health, and opioid addiction affect communities across the state. With this budget, we are making historical investments in affordable housing and community behavioral health, as well as funding important projects in our local community,” said Rep. Strom Peterson, D-Edmonds, Vice Chair of the House Capital Budget Committee.

    “As an educator, I see first-hand how the limited expansion capacity of our schools keeps us from lowering class sizes and delivering programs. This budget will bring much needed school construction, makes serious investments in mental health, and will produce thousands of jobs across the state,” said Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self, D-Mukilteo.

    The capital budget pays for buying, constructing and repairing infrastructure projects including schools, parks, community centers, clean air and water systems, corrections facilities, hospitals, clinics, housing and higher education facilities, among others.

    Local and nearby construction projects that will receive funding include:

    • $4.4 million for improvements at Mountlake Terrace Elementary School.
    • $115,000 to update ADA ramps in Brier.
    • $37.8 million for the Edmonds Community College Science, Engineering, Technology Building;
    • $2.75 million for the Edmonds Waterfront Center and Waterfront Development;
    • $721,000 for the Japanese Gulch Creek Restoration Project;
    • $391,000 for the Frances Anderson Center Roofing Project;
    • $257,000 for the Mukilteo Tank Farm Remediation;
    • $1 million for the preservation and conservation of land formerly occupied by the Wayne Golf Course in Bothell; and
    • $29.5 million for a new parking structure at Cascadia College.


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