SPU shooting suspect raised in home of tumult

Aaron Rey Ybarra during his  June 6 court appearance.
Aaron Rey Ybarra during his June 6 court appearance. (Photo by Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times)

Aaron Rey Ybarra’s upbringing in Mountlake Terrace was filled with turmoil from infancy — and it grew even more turbulent in the past several years, according to a  review by our news partner, The Seattle Times, of newly obtained court records, probate files, police documents and witness statements.

In 2012, Ybarra, the accused mass shooter at Seattle Pacific University started getting help. A court-appointed drug counselor was assessing his alcohol habit. A therapist was meeting with him weekly to sort through his diagnosed psychosis and obsessive-compulsive disorder. His treating psychiatrist put him on the antipsychotic drug Risperdal to quell the troubling voices he was hearing in his head. The counselor recommended he enter a residential treatment facility, away from his unsupportive home environment where “he drinks with father at local bars.”

Instead, Ybarra regressed. In early October 2012, police found him lying in the middle of the street outside his family home, drunk, alone, saying no one cared about him and he “wanted to die.” Mountlake Terrace police tried and failed to have him involuntarily committed.

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