Sponsor spotlight: Cleaning up after snow and slush

Hello, readers!

I am Kyle Wood, the owner of Sno-King Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, and the photo you see is my daughter Avery enjoying the snow this last week. I hope you all got out and were able to play in the snow as well!

As fun as that was, we all know one of the downsides — tracking it in the house and getting it all over the carpet, upholstery and tile. I’m here to give you some tips as well as let you know how we can help.

How should you maintain your carpet between professional cleanings? You’ve heard it a million times: take off your shoes. Taking off your shoes inside and vacuuming weekly are the most important things you can do for your carpet. During wet or snowy times, it’s important to keep a mat right inside your door to wipe your shoes off before even stepping on your flooring. Also, keep a towel by the door where you let your dogs out to wipe their muddy paws off (our dog always fights this part!).

Here are a couple tips for situations that you might not usually think of: if you put lotion or oils on your feet, be sure to wear socks while doing so, as the oils getting into the carpet actually attracts soil. Lastly, if anyone in your home uses acne medication, be sure it’s applied in a room without carpet. The benzoyl peroxide will bleach carpet, even if only a tiny bit spills!

So, what about professional cleaning? We recommend hiring a company with good online reviews, non-toxic cleaning products, and who is professionally trained and certified. At Sno-King Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we are all of those and more. Locally owned and operated, we take great pride in providing the highest level of personal service with the most thorough cleaning process available. Our 240-degree water will sanitize your carpet, upholstery or tile, and our high-efficiency fans will dry it in no time.

We make a habit of going above and beyond for every client, as you can see in the photo. That was us (and a generous neighbor) on Feb. 13, shoveling our way to a client’s driveway. We do everything we can to serve our neighbors and community by providing the best cleaning service around, donating to and volunteering with the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club, participating in and volunteering with the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, among many other things.

Please feel free to call us at 206-801-0161, see our website here, our before and after photos here, and we’d be honored to meet you if you contact us here.

Kyle Wood
Sno-King Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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