Sponsor spotlight: Alaska was lucky — we may not be

Damage in Alaska, courtesy U.S. Geological Survey.

Although scary,  Alaska fared relatively well after its recent 7.0 earthquake. Experts indicate that geologically, Alaska lucked out due to the depth of the earthquake. Had it been shallower, the devastation and losses would have been far greater.

Updated building requirements in Alaska were also credited in preventing more destruction and loss of life.

Unfortunately California and the Pacific Northwest have not addressed building codes with the same rigor as Alaska. Combined with a much greater population density, damage could be much more severe.

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— Sponsored by All Insurance Services, Inc.


  1. Earthquake insurance is terribly expensive in Washington. The Insurance Industry must find a way to reduce the costs so average homeowners can purchase it. This requires the State Office of the Insurance Commissioner to encourage a dialogue of insurance companies to find a solution. If not, not only will homeowners not be able to rebuild, after the Seattle Fault or Whidbey Island Fault shakes but they may get rid of their insurance company due to not helping them when they need it. It will be a black eye on the insurance industry in discouraging financial resilience.


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