Sponsor spotlight: 190 Sunset celebrates Repeal Day, the end of Prohibition, on Dec. 5

Celebrate “Repeal Day” Dec. 5 with an Old-Fashioned at 190 Sunset.

In a nod to the anniversary of the end of Prohibition, on “Repeal Day — Wednesday, Dec. 5 — the bar at 190 Sunset will focus on the historic cocktails of the Prohibition Era. The bar staff will sport roaring ’20s attire while serving tried and true classics.

While we may take for granted the abundance of choice, style, and quality of drink readily available to us today, there was a point in American history where we were forced into a 13-year dry spell, the restaurant notes. But did you know that technically it wasn’t illegal to consume alcohol during that time? 

Only the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of alcohol were outlawed during the Prohibition Era. Any alcohol private citizens had stockpiled prior to January of 1920 was theirs to consume in the privacy of their homes. Some people frantically built huge cellars and bought out all the alcohol they could find to put in storage before the law took effect. 

Another fun fact: Prohibition inspired the birth of the craft cocktail. Bartenders in underground ‘speakeasies’ had to get mighty creative in order to mask the taste of poor quality booze. This creativity led to many of the classics we enjoy today.

The 190 Sunset bartenders can share more quirky Prohibition facts, along with the history behind the classic cocktails of that time. So come down to 190 Sunset this Wednesday evening, Dec. 5 to learn more about the Prohibition Era and to enjoy some tried and true classic drinks. Happy hour kicks off at 3 p.m. Cheers!

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