Welcome Sponsor: Kirk Geiger, State Farm Insurance


Today we are excited to announce a new MLTnews sponsor, Kirk Geiger of State Farm Insurance.

State Farm is the Largest Personal Lines insurer in the United States, Washington as well as Mountlake Terrace with Kirk Geiger’s agency being the single office in Mountlake Terrace.

Kirk Geiger has been very active in the Mountlake Terrace community over the past seven years through sponsorships at MTHS, participating in National Night Out and sponsoring MTYAA sports teams.

Kirk Geiger and his team can also always be seen in the Tour de Terrace Parade, passing out nearly 6,000 pieces of candy each year.

Kirk Geiger’s office just recently moved from 56th to just off of 220th near Azteca and Home Street Bank.

Contact Kirk at (425) 771-2929 or find him online athttp://www.geigerins.com/.

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  1. Welcome Kirk!

    Hey, Kirk is the best!!! I think we’ve been with Kirk and SFI for what… 3 years now? Maybe 4? We’ve had a couple claims, and SFI was quick, prompt and courteous, and only made better by the same from Kirk and his office staff.

    Plus, he likes my photography, so he MUST be okay! 🙂




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