Sound Transit issues summer Link project update



Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link outreach team, in a summer project update, said that it has talked about the latest designs, reviewed the project schedule, answered project related questions and discussed current service with approximately 1,000 residents over the summer.

Many of the questions the outreach team received this summer were about travel times once the Lynnwood Link Extension is completed. Here are times to Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport.

  • Estimated travel time between Lynnwood Transit Center and downtown Seattle: about 30 minutes
  • Estimated travel time between Lynnwood Transit Center and SeaTac Airport: about 1 hour

Over the last six months, the agency has drilled for soil testing, sent out noise monitoring equipment, engaged in vibration testing on streets and had had survey crews mapping out neighborhood from the public right of way and on private property with permission from property owners. The data collected is being used to refine designs, complete the environmental review process and publish the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

This is a snapshot of the work:

  • 90 soil testing and drilling locations
  • 95 residential properties were accessed for survey work
  • 11 noise/vibration testing locations
  • 400 flyers distributed for soil and vibration testing
  • 99 phone calls to property owners in advance of field work

After the release of the Lynnwood Link Extension’s Draft EIS last summer, the Sound Transit Board in November 2013 identified the preferred light rail route and stations for further design and environmental study. Since that time, staff has been focused on design refinements for the preferred alternative and conducting further studies to be included in the Final EIS, expected to be published in early 2015. After the publication of the Final EIS, the Board will formally select the final project to be built following receipt of the environmental Record of Decision from the Federal Transit Administration, Sound Transit will begin the final design phase.

In July 2014, after a 45-day Draft EIS public review and comment period, the Sound Transit Board identified the Bellevue “BNSF site” as the preferred alternative for a new light rail operations satellite base. This location is south of SR 520 and north of Northeast 12th Street on the east side of the former BNSF railway corridor in Bellevue. The Lynnwood location will continue to be assessed in environmental documents as an alternative but is not the preferred location moving forward. The OMSF is needed to store, service and deploy an expanded light rail train fleet as the system extends 50 miles by 2023.

At the end of July, Sound Transit completed a comment period for the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, which forms the basis of analysis to update the regional transit Long-Range Plan. Next up: compiling a summary of over 12,000 comments received from across the region, available later this month. In November, the final environmental document will be released; the Sound Transit Board is expected to adopt an updated Long-Range Plan in December. The Long-Range Plan for regional transit will guide future expansion of mass transit throughout the Puget Sound region. Find out more:

For more information about the Lynnwood Link Extension project, see: Lynnwood Link Extension web page or contact Roger Iwata at 206-689-4904 or [email protected].


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