Sorelli Pizza Hosts First Monthly Karaoke Night


Mountlake Terrace is not exactly known for it’s nightlife. If you drive around any time after 9 pm you’re likely to see mostly closed businesses and empty parking lots. That’s why it’s exciting to see one local business provide some fun for adults and kids on the last Saturday of every month.

Sorelli Pizza is hosting it’s first monthly karaoke night this Saturday, January 30.

The owner’s of Sorelli Pizza decided to try renting a karaoke machine earlier this month for a night and it was a big hit. Around 40 people showed up, and both adults and kids took part in the fun. They saw it as a success and decided to have a karaoke night every month.

From now on they will be bringing in a professional karaoke host. things will get going around 8 pm. Kids are welcome from 8-9:30 to participate but after 9:30 it will be adults only.

Sorelli Pizza is an MLTnews sponsor. We cover events like this for all MLT businesses, whether they are sponsors or not. If you know of anything going on in MLT, let us know.

[image courtesy gogap]


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