Snow piles up in Mountlake Terrace


Snow piled up in Mountlake Terrace Monday morning as people left their homes for the commute to work. Long commute times were reported, especially for those who took the bus. Check out the gallery below for photos sent in by MLTnews readers.

A few notes:

  • Please note that the Recreation Pavilion will be closing at 4pm today. That will cancel all the evening swimming lessons and other programs.
  • Community Transit buses are running around 20 minutes late.
  • While all schools are open and operating on their regular schedules, the district has canceled all evening activities and events after school today, Monday. This applies to:
    All school facilities reserved by outside groups (except childcare providers),High school athletic practices, which will be allowed through 4 p.m., but please check with the coach in advance. These practices are on a voluntary basis. Parents may choose to have their athlete attend or they may excuse them from practice. Middle school athletic practices, which are canceled.

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The City has prioritized roads in Mountlake Terrace to assist in the removal of snow, see the map below to help plan your trips. The City released this press release this morning to help residents be prepared for any emergencies:

The city prepares for winter weather by cleaning streets and storm drains, prepositioning sand bags and preparing for de-icing and snow plowing. (See map of priority snow removal routes.) Residents can do their part by keeping storm drains clear of leaves and debris to prevent local flooding. They should also be prepared for emergencies.

Flooding, earthquakes, wind and snowstorms can and do happen. The city sends news releases to local media to notify the public of situations that have occurred in the area. Residents can stay informed through local TV and radio stations. The city also posts information on its website, and on the Cable TV Government Access Channel 21.

Widespread power outages often occur during and after an emergency or disaster. Families should keep a battery powered or crank radio in their emergency kit along with spare batteries and use them if the power is out. Vital information regarding evacuation information, shelter locations, medical help, and food and water sources may help families survive a disaster.

Unnecessary phone calls may overload communication systems and prevent emergency calls from getting through. It is recommended that folks stay off the phone unless they need to report an emergency.

For more emergency information, please go to and click on For Residents/Emergency Preparedness.


  1. Thanks for sharing the map, I really hope they get all the priority 1 roads taken care of by tues morning commute.

  2. 238th PL SW has always been used as a connector to 44th and Cedar Way and needs to be plowed and sanded ASAP. And will someone tow or ticket the car that is parked cock-eyed on 4400 block and 238th PL SW. We the residence find it very difficult to enter our own homes because it’s blocking half the road and cars barely have room to “slide” by.


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