Snohomish PUD offers summer safety tips

Snohomish County PUD reminds you to be safe around electricity during the summer months, with these safety tips:

Outdoor safety

  • Never climb trees near power lines.
  • Keep ladders away from power lines.
  • Stay away from all fallen power lines.
  • Don’t let kids play on the green padmount transformer cabinets, which control electricity voltage.
  • Don’t ever try to open the transformer cabinet or reach inside.
  • Utility cabinets should not be buried in landscape material or surrounded by shrubbery because these may cause the cabinets to overheat and fail to function.

Kite safety

  • Never fly kites near power lines.
  • Choose an open space for kite-flying where there are no power lines or cars.
  • Stay far away from power lines and anything that is touching them.
  • If your kite gets caught in a power line, do not touch the kite or string. Call the PUD for help.
  • Don’t fly your kite when the weather is bad. Lightning can electrocute you.
  • Only use string to fly your kite. Never use wire. Remember: metal is a conductor for electricity.

Other indoor safety tips

  • Keep fingers and other objects away from electrical outlets.
  • Never overload outlets with too many plugs.
  • Never pull a plug out by the cord.
  • Never use radios or hair dryers around baths or showers.
  • Never put metal silverware into plugged in toasters.

For other tips, including more safety information and energy-saving programs, visit or call the PUD Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.

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