Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office warns of telephone scam

Sheriff Ty Trenary
Sheriff Ty Trenary

Several area residents have reported on Monday that they received a phone call from someone claiming to be a Sheriff’s Office deputy with a warrant for their arrest.

The caller said that the victim would need to pay over the phone to have the warrant “lifted” or a deputy would come to their house to arrest them.

“First of all, no county employee, including those in law enforcement, will call you to request payment over the phone for anything. Anyone who does should be reported to the police immediately,” said Sheriff Ty Trenary. “Second, a Sheriff’s Office deputy would never call someone with a warrant to warn them that we were on our way to arrest them.”

If you wish to verify that you have an outstanding warrant in Snohomish County, a current list of all outstanding District Court misdemeanor<> and Superior Court felony<> warrants is available on-line.

Sheriff’s Office reception staff said they received five similar reports Monday morning. In most cases, victims said it was the Sheriff’s Office reception phone number (425-388-3393) that showed up on their caller ID screen. Anyone who believes they may be a victim of fraud should call 911.

  1. If the Sheriff’s Office number shows up on caller ID, doesn’t that mean that’s where these calls originated from?

  2. Unfortunately, no. There are apps out there that enable a user to “spoof” caller ID with whatever number the app user chooses. So, you may get a call that *appears* to originate from a legitimate place, but is actually originating elsewhere. The one good thing: if you call the number back, you’ll get the actual number you dialed, rather than the caller who spoofed caller ID. Hopefully, that’s useful.

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