Snohomish County PUD offers energy smart holiday ideas


lightsWith the holiday season fast approaching, Snohomish County PUD notes that there are ways you can decorate your home that also are energy efficient.

Here are a few ideas:

Energy Saving Holiday Lights: This holiday season turn to energy-efficient LED lights. They use 1/100th of the energy of a C7 holiday bulb and 1/10th of the energy of a holiday mini-light. Plus, they last up to 20 years and are safer since they burn cooler.  The bulbs’ epoxy lenses make them more durable, and their low wattage lets you connect up to 20 strings end-to-end without fear of overloading a circuit.

LED Night Lights: LED Night Lights have an extremely long life – up to 100,000 hours – and are inexpensive to operate. Annual operating costs are 50 cents per year or less. Many also contain a dusk to dawn photocell that automatically turns off lights during daylight hours.

Energy Smart Gadgets: Programmable and smart thermostats automatically lower your heat when you’re asleep or away and/or allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely. Use smart power strips eliminate phantom power drains from electronics when they’re not in use. Or try out a variety of energy monitors, which show you which appliances are using the most energy in your home.

PUD Gift Certificates: If you’re looking for a unique gift, you might consider a PUD gift certificate. You can get a gift certificate at any PUD payment office. Pay one of our cashiers the amount you want to give, and we’ll credit that PUD customer’s account with your payment and provide you with a certificate you can use to tell the lucky person about your gift.

For energy-saving ideas and other tips, at any time of the year, visit the PUD website at or call the Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.


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