Sno-King School Retirees award 42 grants to classroom teachers


mltnewsSno-King School Retirees (SKSR) has announced the winners of grants of up to $200 to facilitate special projects teachers would like to carry out, if only they had the money, Shoreline Area News reports. These projects are intended to enrich the school experience of students that SKSR members work with. Since starting this program during the 1998-1999 school year, SKSR has awarded almost $55,000 in grants.

Recipients of 2014-15 grants are:
EDMONDS: Pamela Bader, Louise Barnes,Tanya King-Bazor, Marilyn Hall, Peggy Hohnhaus, Ruth Kenney, Mary Magill, Jennifer Martin, Kim Mason, Janice Maxson, Courtney McCready, Jodi Mackey, Joan Pederson, Tammy Reardon, Lisa Shearer, Heather Slettebak, Janet Tucker, Cathy Reighter, Jill Walzer, Ellen Winningham and Cathi Wrolstad.
SHORELINE: Martha Abrego, Jennifer Altena, Marty Behnke, Sarita Benson, Dennis Day, Joanna Freeman, Patty Hansen, Jenny Hodgen, Debbie Hubbell, Carrie Misener, Julie Moe, Renita Ng, Martha Nichols, Karen Nicholson, Kerry Quinn, Judy Schaad, Marybeth Scherf, Amy Serra, Mary Telstad, Sharon Turpin and Nancy Vidlak.
NORTHSHORE: No applicants this year.


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