Sno-Isle Libraries wants to know which issues matter to you



Sno-Isle Libraries managers are planning this year’s Issues that Matter forum, and want to know what issues matter to you.

The programs are meant to encourage community conversations on high-profile issues. Last year, forums were held discussing how to save youth from the sex trade, modern policing and end-of-life health care. Previous topics include the marijuana initiative, bullying and same-sex marriage.

Right now, the Issues that Matter team is considering topics like suicide, police/minority relations and housing.

“Before we make any decisions, we’d like to hear from the public about what topics are important in which communities,” Chuck Pratt, leader of the Issues that Matter team, said.

The programs will feature expert panels in front of live audiences. There is no set schedule yet for this year’s programs.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the forums, you can email Pratt before Feb. 1.

For more information about the Issues that Matter program, visit its website.


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