Six senior standouts selected for October Athlete Highlights

Collin Rhodes

Six Mountlake Terrace High School seniors have been selected to appear on the October Athlete Highlights, a publication of the Mountlake Terrace High School Sports Booster Club.

Framed copies of the Athlete Highlights can be found around Mountlake Terrace businesses this month.

Collin Rhodes was selected by boys tennis coach Alberto Ramirez.

“Collin is in his fourth year of participation in the tennis program,” Ramirez said. “Right from his freshman year Collin has proven to be one of the easiest boys to coach. He is always prepared and is eager to start practice.”

“Collin has proven to be a leader and a good example for others to follow,” Ramirez added. “He has been one of the two team co-captains for the last two years.”

Mountlake Terrace girls soccer seniors
Lily Hart, Mckenna Hunt, Riley Zucker, All;ison Lorraine and Paige Johnson. 

While Mountlake Terrace coaches normally select one student for the Athlete Highlights, girls soccer coach Evan Hatch opted to recognize all five seniors on his varsity squad: Lily Hart, Mckenna Hunt, Paige Johnson, Allison Lorraine and Riley Zucker.

“This senior class is the character and personality of the Terrace girls soccer program,” Hatch said. “They provide the backbone of our lineup, providing offense and defense and leadership in all key areas. Each player has a fun-loving personality and unique soccer skill set. The program will be incredibly sad to lose them next season.”

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