Sign of the times at Ballinger Park


New Ballinger Park sign 001Story and photo by Doug Petrowski

Another sign that the transition of the former Ballinger Lake Golf Course, 23000 Lakeview Drive, into park land is moving forward is … a new sign.

City of Mountlake Terrace crews finished installing the sign at the main entrance of the former golf course this week. The sign has no mention of the golf course, but instead calls the 42 acres of open space “Ballinger Park.”

City officials are currently accepting bids from firms and individuals interested in managing the Ballinger Clubhouse and hopes to have the entire property available for public use later this year.

In other Mountlake Terrace park news, the city has ordered a swing set for Firefighters Memorial Park, 3900-228th St. S.W., that could be installed as early as June. Also, the city’s Neighborhood Park Improvement Subcommittee is in the early stages of designing a memorial and plaque honoring Matt Hirvela, to be installed at Matt Hirvela/Bicentennial Park, 4105-222nd St. S.W. Hirvela donated the land to the city in the mid-1960s with the desire to see the site preserved as park land.


  1. Best to ask those questions at a council meeting while plans are still being formulated. Is it fair to to quote knowledgeable local sources? Paraphrasing Carol Hardy, who knows as much about the building as anyone, the Clubhouse would work very well for a Coomunity/Senior Center.

    Yes, I know all of its shortcomings. Its available. Its paid for. Its only 4 times larger than the current senior center. Its not downtown. Did I mention its paid for? There must be something good to say about it.

    • New windows. Upgraded insulation. Upgraded HVAC. Optimized ADA accommodations. Those things are easily done and at modest cost. Possibly could be done with some grant money if someone put their effort into it – utilities subsidize energy-efficient projects all the time.

      Beyond that, the building can be expanded from the current footprint. Significantly more expensive, but not needed right away, and still far less expensive than a ‘civic center’ as part of City Hall.

      Ah, but it isn’t in the heart of the city. It’s a whole mile away. Boo hoo.


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