Security at Tour de Terrace will include discretionary bag, backpack checks


New signs posted at Tour de Terrace entrances
New signs posted at Tour de Terrace entrances

In addition to the sound of live music and the smell of tasty festival food, new signs announcing a returning security policy will be welcoming visitors to Tour de Terrace this weekend. Signs are posted at all of the entrances to Evergreen Playfield that “all bags and backpacks are subject to search by police,” a course of action that was in effect at last year’s festival.

The signs are “there to provide adequate warning that officers may be checking bags brought into the carnival in the interest of public safety,” said Mountlake Terrace Police Department Commander Doug Hansen.

Mountlake Terrace police were given the discretion to check bags and backpacks at last year”s event, even posting the policy for festival-goers. “We had signs last year, but not as nice looking,” Hansen added.

In another move made for public safety, Tour de Terrace officials have added some higher fencing around the beer garden to prevent alcoholic beverages from being handed out to individuals outside the designated drinking area. In the past, some individuals have been removed from the beer garden as they have reached an observable limit to their safe alcohol consumption level, yet attempt to have additional beers passed to them over the fencing; the higher fence is intended to prevent such practices.

— By Doug Petrowski

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