The Seattle Times: Community news site partnership


Some of you may or may not know that we are in a partnership with the Seattle Times. We made the announcement back in January, but if you missed it or are a new MLTnews reader, you can read  it here.

There are basically 3 ways big media companies can deal with community news site like MLTnews, My Edmonds News and many others. They can ignore us and pretend that we don’t exist, they can try to compete with community news sits by creating their own network or they can work with us. The Seattle Times has chosen the latter and it has been helpful for MLTnews because we get more exposure, and hopefully it has been helpful for the Times as they can point their readers to better coverage on the neighborhood level.

Below is a video produced by the Seattle Times describing what the partnership is all about. If you aren’t reading this on, visit the site to watch the video.



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