KZOK morning hosts MLT-bound for Tour de Terrace grand marshal duties

Sarah (left) and Danny Bonaduce in the KZOK studios in Seattle on July 25
Sarah (left) and Danny Bonaduce in the KZOK studios in Seattle on July 25. (Photo by Doug Petrowski)

KZOK radio morning hosts Danny Bonaduce and Sarah will be serving together as Grand Marshals for the 2013 Tour de Terrace parade on Friday. The two have never before been to Mountlake Terrace, but have been hearing about the Tour de Terrace event for a few days now, from what may seem like an unusual source — advertisements on their own radio show.

The Tour de Terrace organizing committee buys advertising space on three Seattle radio stations, one being KZOK, as part of their strategy to attract visitors to the festival. One such ad ran during the final hour of The Danny Bonaduce Show on Thursday; then after a further explanation of what the festival includes, Bonaduce exclaimed, “That sounds bitchin.”

Sarah (who only goes by her first name on the radio) posts a weekly beer blog on the KZOK website and said she may work her way over to the Tour de Terrace beer garden following the parade to check out the revelry there.

Tour de Terrace now has top billing on the radio show’s webpage, and the two radio personalities seem genuinely enthusiastic about their appearance at the event. But not all have embraced the radio talkers as parade Grand Marshals, as evidenced by earlier posts on; comments ran about half in support of Bonaduce and half opposed.

Tour de Terrace officials have also noticed the conflicting views concerning the 2013 parade Grand Marshals. “People ask me, ‘why did you pick them?’ Because it is bringing people in from outside of Mountlake Terrace,” said Mountlake Terrace Mayor and Tour de Terrace Chairperson Jerry Smith.

Attracting out-of-towners is key for Tour de Terrace committee members. The group spends thousands of dollars each year on advertising, the bulk of it on Seattle radio.

The festival has worked with KZOK for six years, Smith said. “It’s been good for both of us,” he said. Last year, Tour de Terrace bought more than $5,000 of commercial airtime on KZOK alone.

In addition to airing on KZOK, ads for Tour de Terrace in 2012 were broadcast on Movin’ 92.5 and KIXI-AM 880.

This year, the festival committee received $17,170 ($700 less than in the previous two years) from city lodging tax revenue for promotion of the event. That money bought radio airtime and space in a local print tourism publication, all in an effort to give Tour de Terrace more exposure and bigger attendance numbers.

— By Doug Petrowski


  1. I haven’t seen any of the negative comments about Danny Bonaduce and Sarah, but I think it’s great! Any additional positive publicity the festival and the city can get is a bonus. There was a lot of hype from Deadliest Catch fans when Edgar Hansen was the grand marshal and it attracted more people.

    The Mayor made a great point that it’s bringing people in from outside Mountlake Terrace – the more people who come, the more money spent, the more the businesses create jobs, etc.

    Good job, City of MLT!

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