Sean Salazar Drops Out of Senate Race


Sean Salazar, a Mountlake Terrace chiropractor, will be dropping out of the senate race . In an announcement on his campaigns website on Friday, Salazar said that he will be supporting Dino Rossi’s candidacy for the bid to replace Patty Murray.

“I am not the only candidate who is ready to shake things up back in Washington D.C. and I consider Dino Rossi to be a friend and the most capable U.S. Senate candidate who will work very hard to help steer this country in the right direction,” Salazar said.

Sean Salazar has been campaigning for the past 20 months and has been associated with the Tea Party movement. Reactions to the announcement have been mixed on the Salazar campaign Facebook Page. Some commenters were disappointed that Salazar is supporting Rossi because they consider Rossi to be the “establishment GOP.”

“It doesn’t matter if Murray wins over Rossi – the establishment GOP wants to protect their status quo. Rossi = Murray!” stated one Salazar supporter.

Another Salazar supporter commented “Thanks, Sean for getting together with Dino! Face it, folks. Dino’s the only one that has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Patty, and SHE MUST GO!!”

When asked about future political plans, Salazar said, “There is plenty of time to consider future races. For now, the focus must be on the big prize: Taking our country back to what our Founding Fathers intended: Less government control, cutting taxes and waste, getting our country back on its feet with more jobs, and upholding the Constitution.”


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