Scene in MLT: Multitasking at the Red Onion

Seaun Richards of Red Onion Burgers keeps on making his burgers, even while hosting Wednesday night's Mountlake Terrace Business Association "After hours" event.
Seaun Richards, owner of Red Onion Burgers and an MLT City Councilmember, keeps on making his delicious burgers, even while hosting Wednesday night’s Mountlake Terrace Business Association “After Hours” event.


  1. Not to seem rude (and I have nothing against the Red Onion or Seaun Richards) but is there a reason that you are always doing stories on the Red Onion and no other local business who also do great things? This picture should have been about the get together of the business association and not about Seaun but once again he gets credit for everything and anything that may happen in MLT and it has nothing to do with him. Maybe doing a story about why the business association was there and try and promote others awareness that might not know about the association or what they do for the city may have been a little better use of a story and also help the city grow with the business’ support. Just an idea for using Mlt News for actually MLT News and not Red Onion Seaun Richards promotion. Thanks.




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