Scene in Terrace: Community members meet light rail station artist


A group of community members met Kipp Kobayashi, an artist from Los Angeles who was contracted by Sound Transit to create artwork inside the Mountlake Terrace Light Rail station, during a meet-and-greet meeting on Thursday.

Those in attendance included Mayor Jerry Smith, Arts Commission members and interested members of the community.

Kobayashi was in Mountlake Terrace to do research on the area and find out what community members want the artwork to focus on.

“With public art, it’s really important that it becomes a part of the place,” Kobayashi said.

Those in attendance emphasized Terrace’s local parks as a highlight of the city, as well as Tour de Terrace and the neighborliness of residents. They also mentioned the location of the station as the “gateway” to downtown and a way to join east and west Terrace, which are separated by I-5.

–Photos by Natalie Covate


  1. I just don’t know why Seattle Transit did not choose an artist from the area/state. At least a portion of the money spent would contribute to the Seattle Transit fund.




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